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Admistion and Regisration MBA

Program Goals

The Master Of Business Administration’s programs aim at qualifying employees of banks, financial institutions and markets, employees of companies, establishments and state agencies in all sectors to acquire knowledge and practical and modern scientific skills so that they can improve their professional performance and improve the level of the institutions they work in.

The Academy awards the following degrees:
MBA in Business Administration specialization
MBA in Banking specialization
MBA in financial markets specialization
MBA in financial management specialization
MBA in Marketing specialization
MBA in Human Resources specialization
The study is available in Arabic or English.

Admission Requirements for the Master’s Degree (M.B.A)

Admission Requirements for the Master’s Degree (M.B.A)
Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Sciences (Accounting, Business Administration, Finance and Banking, Economics, General Administration, Statistics) from a university in the Arab Republic of Egypt or equivalent studies from the Supreme Council of Higher Education in the Arab Republic of Egypt or equivalent Or other recognized scientific institute.

Or obtain a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree from the specialization department in the Arab Republic of Egypt, or in Arab or foreign institutes of equivalence from the Higher University of the Arab Republic of Egypt or an equivalent degree from a college or scientific institute that passes the supplementary courses that qualify the student to join this program.

  • joining request.
  • 500 TOEFL caused.
  • The origin of the graduation certificate and the grades.
  • Original birth certificate or official extract.
  • 4 personal photos.
  • Copy of ID card or passport.

Conditions for granting a Master’s Degree (M.B.A)

1) The certificate shall be granted after fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • The student successfully passes the examination in the courses mentioned in the requirements of the MBA program.
  • Meet the minimum period of study required for obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Administration is 16 months.

2) The Master’s degree is awarded by a decision of the Academy Council on the recommendation of the Academy Council.