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Consultancy Center

Consultancy Center


This center offers consultancies to its wide base of clients. It applies the “Comprehensive Integrated Approach (CIA)” which covers the problems that face clients from identification study and inception report to measuring the results of sustainable solutions.

CIA is composed of 10 phases, as follows:

  • Diagnostic audit to identify the core problems facing the organization.
  • Inception report
  • Analytical Study to go in depth and determine the reasons of the problem.
  • Brainstorming sessions to generate alternative creative solutions.
  • Simulation sessions to test the appropriate solution.
  • Plan of Implementation and allocating needed resources.
  • Managing for change: Orientation, roles & Training.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation.
  • Termination of the consultancy project.

A list of our consultancies:

  • Reorganizing Agricultural & Cooperative Credit Bank, Yemen
  • Improving the productivity and effectiveness of Iraqi banking & Financial Sector, in collaboration withDeloitte, Iraq
  • Restructuring the Iraqi banking sector, in collaboration with Bearing Point Inc., Iraq
  • Restructuring the Palestinian banking sector, in collaboration with European Union, Palestine
  • Mortgage loans study, Egyptian Parliament, Egypt
  • Central clearing, depository & registry, Egyptian Parliament, Egypt