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Vice President

Vice PresidentDr. Yazan El-Atyatyatyat@aambfs.org
Assistant President for Business Development & TrainingDr. Amr El-Nahasanahas@aambfs.org
Assistant President for Financial & Administrative AffairsMr. Ussama Abou Shararosharar@aambfs.org

Collage of Business Administration

Dean-CairoDr. Amr El-Dabaaeldaba@aambfs.org
Director Of DBA ProgramDr. Mohamed Ibrahimmibrahim@aambfs.org
Dean-YemenDr. Ammar El-Zaharyazahari@aambfs.org

Main Departments

Financial Affairs ManagerMr. osama abo shararosharar@aambfs.org
Human Resources ManagerMrs. Yasmin MaherYasminMaher@aambfs.org
AdmissionRegistration & Student Affairs ManagerMr. akmal abdel rahman
arahman@aambfs.orgFinancial Affairs Deputy ManagerMr. Ahmed Youssry
ayossry@aambfs.orgFollow-up and Coordination ManagerMrs. Abeer abou heshma
ahishmeh@aambfs.orgArab and International Cooperation ManagerCCFB Manager
Mrs. Rana elzogbyrzoubi@aambfs.orgIT Center Manager
Mr. feras elshorafafshorafa@aambfs.org<

Damascus College

Admissions & Registration ManagerMs. Rana Ismaelrismaeel@aambfs.org