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Our MBA programs are designed specifically for experienced managers who want to enhance their professional knowledge in leadership and innovation as our programs aim to develop professional practice in business,
Our programs have also been designed for banking, banking, financial management and human resources professionals who wish to develop their skills and skills to advance in business or gain better career opportunities.

The importance of obtaining an MBA and DBA

To enhance the scientific and applied experiences and knowledge of the student.
Developing strategic thinking and vision in the field of business locally and internationally.
Create a network of knowledge, relationships and build investment partnerships.
Distinguished recipients in the degree of career and salary and allowances for others.
It is one of the conditions for choosing leaders in prestigious institutions, whether in the private or governmental sectors

About the Academy

history of the Academy


Our mission is to prepare human cadres capable of using the latest technology methods and apply contemporary management knowledge in all fields of financial, banking and administrative work by providing world-class solutions in education, training and research using international specialists and partnerships with the best universities and specialized research centers.


We at the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences,
We strive to make a fundamental impact on business, through our selection of competencies, and the design of our educational, training, research and technological solutions to exceed the expectations of students, business owners and the community.
We are seriously trying to anticipate and evoke the future! Through the diffusion of innovative technologies, the development of associated employees' skills in banking, financial services and multiple business areas, as well as our sponsorship of SME entrepreneurs working in these emerging technological fields.
We select our globally recognized partners in education, training, research and technology


- Leadership: Courage and Empowerment ... to form a better future
- Excellence: What we offer ... We must offer high quality
- Integrity: We investigate honesty and honesty ... in word and deed
- Respect: We exchange the preservation of human dignity
- Collaborative: Access to Genius Decisions ... by sharing our ideas
- Passion: to take our minds and hearts
- Accountability: If you come to me ... I am her
- Proactivity: To make change in our markets and our business ...

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