Int’l Professional Certificates

Center Of Certified Financiers & Bankers

CCFB aims at developing the skills of Arab financiers and bankers to qualify them to meet international standards through global certification, and to meet industry needs for programs that will help banking professionals improve proficiency.
CCFB’s Mission is to promote excellence and professionalism in all sectors of business.

To fulfill its mission, CCFB employs the following principles

CCFB’s certification

programs establish knowledge and competency for financial and Banking services professionals.


works cooperatively with related organizations that encourage professionalism and ethical conduct.


uses every opportunity to educate organizations and the general public on the benefits of professional certification.


International Board of Standards (IBS)

– Certified Examiner of Counterfeiting & Forgery.

The London Institute of Banking & Finance

– Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees (CSDG)

The International Chamber Of Commerce

– Certified MSME Portfolio Management Specialist (CMSMES).

The Global Academy of Finance & Management

– Certified Trade Finance Tools Specialist (CTFTS).
– Certified Sustainable Leadership (CSL).
– Certified Supervisor (CS).
– Certified Retail Banking Professional (CRBP).
– Certified Professional Project Manager (CPPM).
– Certified Professional Manager (CPM).
– Certified Manager in Risk Management (CMRM).
– Certified Marketing & Sales Specialist (CMSS).
– AAMBFS Certified Internal Auditor (AACIA).
– Certified AML Professional (CAMLP).
– Certified Branch Manager (CBM).
– Certified Credit Banking Professional – (CCBP).
– Certified Corporate & Credit Risk Financial Analyst CCFA.

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