Islamic Banking Center

  • IBC was established due to the international growing demand for Islamic banking and finance. Since the date of its foundation, AAMBFS has been backing the Islamic banking & finance ecosystem through education, training, consultancy and publishing.
  • IBC has qualified many leaders in Islamic banks and Islamic financial institutions in various Arab countries.
  • IBC supervises all training programs and related consultations through recruiting specialized experts and well-prepared training materials that conforms to all new products in the Islamic banking arena.
  • IBC has held a number of training programs covering various subjects, such as Islamic products and services in addition to other related Islamic topics. It also contributed to the qualification of the personnel working in this field especially in Jordan and Libya.

IBC certifies specialists in the following Islamic banking areas:

  • Certified Islamic Banker (CIB).
  • Certified Islamic Specialist in Trade Finance.
  • Certified Islamic in Takaful.
  • Certified Islamic in Shari’a Auditing.
  • Certified Islamic Specialist in Accounting.
  • Certified Islamic Specialist in Governance and Compliance.
  • Certified Islamic Specialist in Risk Management.