Training Programs & Diplomas

Training Activity

Training in the Academy is a systematic and ongoing process that aims to meet current and future needs based on HR competencies. This process contributes to the advancement of individuals and institutions, enabling them to reach sustainable development and excellence on the strategic level through offering updated Arab, regional as well as international banking and financial development.
The Academy offers its training programs in accordance with the ISO 10015 standard to ensure the highest levels of quality in different images and patterns that include both contractual programs, open programs, on-the-job training programs, special training programs, online programs (distance learning) and specialized and professional certificates accredited by reputable international organizations.

In addition, the Academy believes that achieving the business and implementation requirements, whether strategic or operational in any organization, requires the availability of a set of institutional and regulatory capabilities that become standard requirements that govern the adequacy of the human resources potential and expected to manage and develop those human resources. , And at the same time measures their level of competence, abilities, development and training requirements.
For the year 2016, the Academy has strengthened the services available by expanding the network of strategic partners locally, regionally and internationally.

Open Enrollment Programs

These programs are included in an annual training plan

These programs are included in an annual training plan. The dates and venues are distributed in different Arab countries. These programs vary from administrative, financial and banking. Perhaps the most important characteristic of this type of programs is that it is available to individuals and institutions and from various Arab countries and to achieve communication and exchange of experiences between these countries.

Online Programs & Certifications

To keep pace with information and communication tech

The Arab Academy for banking and finance policy goes with the use of technology in the banking and corporate setting that has led to an increased preference for e-Learning techniques.
E-learning streamlines the training process, and gives the ability to deliver engaging training to a large number of learners, all over Middle East and North Africa – i.e. it enables a wider reach for learners, that learners can access training resources outside scheduled face- to-face training sessions.

Professional Diplomas

Master the work as required

The Arab Academy offers professional diploma certificates upon the successful completion by the participant of a complete set of training programs offered solely by the Academy in a special field.
The required training hours for any one diploma is (150) training hours with the exception of the basic bank credit diploma which requires the successful completion(350) training hours.


Acquire specific skills in the field

Where it is based on the trainee to acquire specific skills in the field of knowledge to meet specific needs in this area.

Contractual Programs

Designed for the benefit of an individual or institution

Programs, which are designed and implemented for the benefit of an individual or institution in particular, and to meet the training needs of the contracting party. All arrangements relating to the implementation of the program are agreed upon with this entity (components, scientific material, number of participants, location and date of implementation, Administrative and financial). These programs may be either internal (ie private candidates from one institution) or local (ie candidates from more than one institution within a single state).