Our Story


The year 1985 marked the beginning, when a decree by the General Assembly of the Union of Arab Bankers declared the birth of the The Arab Institute for Banking Studies – later known as the Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences (AAMBFS). With a mandate to service as “The Academy of All Arabs”, the Academy premises was announced to headquarter at the capital of the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom, providing  all Arab professionals with academic financial studies and scientific knowledge in the finance and business sector.

In 1988, the dream has come true; the board of trustees had their first meeting to discuss the details of the Academy strategy and plan of action. Since That year to date, the AAMBFS has well established its name as a spearheading platform in the market; with its robust syllabuses and diverse programs – covering the entire Management, Banking, and Financial studies – the Academy premises has branched out to dozens of countries, all over the corners of the Arab region, and inspired, guided, and educated the Arab world’s highest caliber of government officials, top-ranking bankers, and leaders. A non-profit and non-governmental organization, the Academy is an institution of the Joint Arab Action, affiliated with the Council of Arab Economic Unity of the League of Arab States, enjoying full diplomatic status, financial and administrative independence. The AAMBFS is a member of the Higher Coordinating Committee for Joint Arab Action, the International Universities of Universities and the Association of Arab Universities. 


In 2015, the AAMBFS headquarters moved to the metropolitan city of Cairo, in the heart of Egypt where the Arab world’s largest investment market and business industry is poised. Since its inception, the Academy has worked to benchmark its curriculum against those of the world’s highest-ranking academic institutions and business schools.
Moreover, the academic programs (MBA and DBA) are accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt; thus meeting international and regional standards.
The AAMBFS houses three centers of excellence; executive training, consultancy, and research and development.
For more than 30 years now, the AAMBFS prides itself for graduating thousands of the Arab world’s brightest of minds, including bank directors, governors of central banks, thriving corporate CEOs and even ministers, who had made an impact on the local and regional business and investment sectors. 
*The Academy has been endorsed by Arab leaders, and royalties, including H.H Queen Rania, who served as the Honorary President of the Academy during its early years in Amman, Jordan, H.H Queen Nour Al Hussein, and H.R.H Prince El Hassan bin Talal.  It was also officially received by presidents and prime ministers across the Arab region. 

Historically, AAMBFS has an unrivalled record in setting precedents – in all its fields of specialization including its pioneering direction of providing academic services in a variety of fields. Over the years, the Academy upheld its role as a beacon of light guiding ambitious professionals in different fields of expertise, becoming a knowledge hub for all Arabs.