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Transformative Technology Institute

In June 2018, AAMBFS changed its vision, mission, corporate goals, strategies  and recently the brand identity and the logo. Its main strategic initiatives have been focusing on innovation, service differentiation, Internationalization, transformation.

Establishing of the Transformative Technology Institute TTI was a spontaneous response to the persistent need of banking and financial institutions’ board and C-level leaders in Egypt and the other Arab countries. Those leaders who are aware of the opportunities of increased financial inclusion, reduced costs, Client onboarding, KYC/AML, Product/service customization, Collateral optimization, Cybersecurity, Risk appetite, limit setting…

Transformative technologies includes all recent and future technological innovations driving the change inside the banks and the banking industry, such as Big Data, Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Distributed ledger, Credit models based on nontraditional data sources… and others.


Making innovation benefit all- across industries; across boarders and across social classes!

TTI Offers training and education programs that bring together industry focused knowledge with relevant technology that can build the capacities of the Arab youth and businesses to narrow the performance gap with leading innovation markets !




Continues learning


TTI Services

Talent Training & Development Center

Talent Training & Development Center introduces programs ranging from financial literacy awareness to deep dive fintech engineering courses form one hand. From the other hand, it develops programs for employees and tekis to all managerial leaders in different levels. TTA’s goal is to increase the number of certified FinTech specialists and leaders inside financial institutions and the number of entrepreneurs in FinTech, as well.

TTA offers multi-level training courses in FinTech but the main product is the “Certified FinTech Professional (CFTP)” program that certifies the target professionals.

Certificate of Certified FinTech Professional (CCFTP)

Target Audience:

  • Enterprenuers interested in starting a FinTech company
  • Finance or related fields specialists
  • Information Technology specialists


  • Welcome and Course Administration
  • Module 1: What is FinTech?
  • Module 2: Payment, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
  • Module 3: Alternative Finance
  • Module 4: FinTech Regulation and RegTech
  • Module 5: Data & FinTech
  • Module 6: The Future of Data-Driven Finance

Through benchmarking against leading financial institutions, we developed a point of view regarding how mega-trends will impact the future of banking. We can work with your team to strategize and implement key milestones to effectively tackle the challenges and opportunities of this evolving marketplace to help ensure your future success.

Our approach to delivering value is different from typical consulting services- we do not leave our clients with a strategy document, we follow through guiding execution, completing the necessary transfer of knowledge and build internal capabilities necessary to bring our strategy to life!

We prepare executives to lead their organizations into the digital era to take advantage of digital opportunities and manage disruptive threats. Our goal is to inform and engage organizations along their transformation journey, through applied research and executive education, focusing on the organizational change required for digital transformation. Full-time researchers draw from diverse backgrounds to drive the our thought leadership strategy.

Under Construction

Expected Date for delivery: November 2019