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AAMBFS prides itself for graduating an extensive number of high-ranking leaders, notable decision makers and influencers who continue to drive their impact in different areas in the business world of today.

About The Academy

Since its inception in 1985, The Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences (AAMBFS) has been serving as “The Academy of All Arabs”. Through the years, it became a hub that inspires all Arab professionals in the finance and business sectors, providing them with scientific and academic knowledge.

Armed with its robust syllabus that competes with the world’s highest ranking standards, the AAMBFS is determined to bring forth a new generation that is ready to bring about the change to their communities across the Arab world.


With Specialization Tracks: Business Administration, Human Resources, Financial Management, Marketing

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With Specialization Tracks: Business Administration, Financial Marketing, Banking, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Marketing

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Training programs in accordance with the ISO 10015 standard to ensure the highest levels of quality that include both contractual programs.

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The Arab Academy’s consultancy services take the form of providing solutions for improving the available opportunities and the challenges of development in the finance and business sectors in the Arab world.

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Why Us?
Modernized Techniques

Why Choose Us?

AAMBFS is a member of the following Associations:

  • The Association of Arab Universities
  • The International Association of Universities
  • The European Banking & Financial Services Training Association
  • The Federation of Arab Scientific Research Council
  • The Arab Federation of Technical Education
  • The Egyptian Fintech Association


Modernized Educational Techniques

The AAMBFS strives to offer its students the perfect environment to grow their thoughts perfect introduce an entire generation of change makers to the community. The Academy provides its students with the most advanced techniques in its learning methods, our students undergo their life-changing academic experience through a deep “Case and Experience” methodology, in which students build a solid theoretical foundation at the same time acquiring indispensable leadership skills.


Diversity and Networking Possibilities

Born to the diverse community of the Arab world, the AAMBFS believes that diversity is key for an enriching learning experience. We aim to help our students grow their capabilities and realize their true potentials through encouraging them to share their voices, and network their ideas and viewpoints, thus bringing out the change maker in them.



AAMBFS is a best-in-class Academic Institution that gives you plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills and mind. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members of AAMBFS has enlightened many throughout the journey.

Revive Your Career

AMMBS is preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world

Small & Medium Enterprises

Small and medium enterprises are crucial to fostering economic and social development of the Arab countries.

Islamic Banking

IBC was established due to the international growing demand for Islamic banking and finance.

Transformative Technology Institute

Its main strategic initiatives are focused on innovation, service differentiation, Internationalization and transformation

Cooperation Protocol between the Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences and HRD-Global

Dr. Mostafa Hodeib, President of the AAMBFS, signed a cooperation protocol with the Kuwait-based Global Company for Human Resources Development (HRD-GLOBAL) to expand the Academy's educational and training services to all citizens of the Arab world.


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