Total credit hours: 48 hours

Program Overview

The AAMBFS MBA program offers different majors in the business and finance sectors. Blending theory and practice, the MBA program is delivered by the highest of professional calibers in the Arab world, who excel in their majors, each in their specialty. Therefore, bringing its students hands-on experience to excel in their chosen fields.

Our approach is to not only boost the academic knowledge of our students, but also provide them with well-grounded practical experience to assume leadership roles in their career.

The MBA program will inspire you to advance your career and make the change you’ve been aspiring to.

The program consists of ten modules with five different specializations; Financial Markets, Financial Management Marketing, Business Administration and Human Resources; all running through 48 credit hours.

Degree awarded : Master of Business Administration

Admission requirements

  • Filling the application form
  • A proof of English proficiency TOEFL (IBT 8.5/120) or IELTS (score of 6.5 as a minimum) for English study applications
  • Bachelor certificate
  • Official transcripts (for non-business grads)
  • Official birth certificate
  • (4) Personal photos
  • Photocopy of national ID card or passport


Total credit hours: 72 hours

Program Overview

Heralded as the most prestigious degree in the business administration field, the DBA program comes as the logic extension of the MBA degree that would take your management career to the highest level. Our DBA program helps candidates develop proficiency in applied research by improving their methodological and analytical skills. Through its extensive hands-on training, the participants become creative problem solvers employing innovative analytical techniques.

Integrating theory and practice of business with the context of contemporary issues that the business world faces, the AAMBFS DBA program offers the best rigorous program that can help you make a transitional step in your work environment without interrupting your professional working life.

Our DBA program offers differentiated real value by selecting highly-qualified faculty, to teach curricula that satisfy learners, employers and Arab society’s market needs by applying innovative learning techniques.

The program encompasses 72 credit hours designed to be completed in three years to six years as maximum based on your time availability.

Degree awarded : Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Entry requirements

  • An MBA, or other relevant Master’s degree
  • A proof of English proficiency TOEFL (IBT 8.5/120) or IELTS (score of 6.5 as a minimum) for English study applications
  • ID Copy
  • Birth Certificate
  • Original Bachelor’s certificate (Equated from the Supreme Council of Universities)
  • Military Status Certificate (certificate of exemption if available)
  • Significant professional experience, ideally in relatively senior leadership or management role (preferably a minimum of three years)
  • A minimum of 6 years' full-time management experience, showing significant career progression