Reasons to Join AAMBFS

The Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences offers an unparalleled applied learning experience for its students. We pride ourselves for our unrivaled high-class courses that have been designed as a result of round-table discussions of renowned academicians and practitioners in each specialization. Our curriculum is designed to help our students build general management and leadership skills. Through case studies, we place our students into the shoes of skilled market leaders to put the theoretical knowledge of our students to the test and learn how to make tough decisions and become the leader who makes an impact in the world.

Revive your Career

A number of AAMBFS students were enrolled in Harvard Business School, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Kent State University, City University, Liverpool University.

AAMBFS is designed to inspire aspiring minds, empower high- caliber individuals and organisations in the business and finance sectors to lead with impact, make a change and add tangible values to the community. 

Modernized Educational Techniques

The AAMBFS strives to offer its students the perfect environment to grow their thoughts perfect introduce an entire generation of change makers to the community. The Academy provides its students with the most advanced techniques in its learning methods, our students undergo their life-changing academic experience through a deep “Case and Experience” methodology, in which students build a solid theoretical foundation at the same time acquiring indispensable leadership skills.

Diversity and Networking Possibilities

Born to the diverse community of the Arab world, the AAMBFS believes that diversity is key for an enriching learning experience. We aim to help our students grow their capabilities and realize their true potentials through encouraging them to share their voices, and network their ideas and viewpoints, thus bringing out the change maker in them.

Interactive Learning Environment

Hailed as one of the oldest standing educational institutions, the AAMBFS offers an inspirational learning environment for its students, bringing together the brightest of minds in the business and finance sectors. Thus, assisting and supporting them to expand their minds and offering them a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and connect with like-minded classmates from all corners of the Arab world.

Join our League of Notable Alumni

AAMBFS prides itself for graduating an extensive number of high-ranking leaders, notable decision makers and influencers who continue to drive their impact in different areas in the business world of today.