About us

Since its inception in 1985, The Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences (AAMBFS) has been serving as “The Academy of All Arabs”. Through the years, it became a hub that inspires all Arab professionals in the finance and business sectors, providing them with scientific and academic knowledge. Armed with its robust syllabus that competes with the world’s highest ranking standards, the AAMBFS is determined to bring forth a new generation that is ready to bring about the change to their communities across the Arab world.


Our vision is to make a fundamental impact on banking, financial services and different areas in the business sector in the Arab World. AAMBFS strives to create an environment to support and inspire individuals involved in the sectors to realize their potentials and fulfill their dreams.


We are determined and committed to prepare human cadres to expand their managerial knowledge in banking and finance among other business areas, and applying them. Armed with its professional staff and highly qualified specialists, AAMBFS endeavors to enlighten the brightest of minds in the business sectors and constantly works on expanding new partnerships with prestigious universities and specialized research centers to realize this goal.