DBA Powered by SAS®

Program Overview

Heralded as the most prestigious degree in the business administration field, the DBA powered by SAS® program comes as the logic extension of the MBA degree that would take your management career to the highest level.

Our DBA powered by SAS® program helps candidates develop proficiency in applied research by improving their methodological and analytical skills. Through its extensive hands-on training, the participants become creative problem solvers employing innovative analytical techniques which is applied by SAS® Analytical Tools and delivered by SAS® experts to assume leadership roles in their career and upskill your Business and Analytical experience and your Business Decisioning by using Artificial Intelligence.

Integrating theory and practice of business with the context of contemporary issues that the business world faces, the AAMBFS DBA powered by SAS® program offers the best rigorous program that can help you make a transitional step in your work environment without interrupting your professional working life.

Our DBA powered by SAS® program offers differentiated real value by selecting highly-qualified faculty and SAS® experts, to teach curricula that satisfy learners, employers and Arab society’s market needs by applying innovative learning techniques.

Our SAS® joint courses prepare you to understand and analyze data, extracting relevant insights that will positively impact companies and businesses. Our DBA powered by SAS® program will upskill your management skills for a successful career in large corporations. You will learn how to take right decisions based on formulating data with SAS® statistical tools, alongside other skills that can be transferred to the professional world. Guided by experts in the Business and Analytics fields and using the latest technologies (SAS® Analytical Tools), you will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of management and strong analytical and artificial intelligence skills. Aimed at and driven by innovative individuals, this degree will prepare you to continue your leadership in the corporate world and build tremendous company value.

The program encompasses 72 credit hours powered by SAS® designed to be completed in three years to six years as maximum based on your time availability. The program consists of five different specializations: Financial Management, Business Administration, Human Resources, Marketing and Banking.

Program objectives

  • To develop leaders in banking, financial institutions, MNC’s, governmental institutions, higher education, consulting, and executive advancement in their current or other organizations.
  • To equip the students with outstanding wide knowledge in management sciences with a focus on the specialization that he/she prefers.
  • To prepare students in applying advanced knowledge in business administration in ways that enhance management practice
  • To improve the skills of critical and creative thinking to evaluate and criticize usual business practices to determine the better creative practices in use
  • To make better decisions based on Analytics and Artificial Intelligence


  • Forecast Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • SAS Programming
  • SAS Enterprise Miner
  • Data Visualization
  • Text Analytics
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Data Preparation
  • Operations Research Optimization

Core Courses

  • Advanced Studies in Business Administration
  • Advanced Studies in Managerial Accounting
  • Total Quality Management
  • Negotiation and Arbitration Management
  • Managerial Economics (SAS® Joint Course)
  • Strategic Management - Applications and Case Studies (SAS® Joint Course)
  • International Business Management (SAS® Joint Course)
  • Parametric and Non Parametric Methods (SAS® Joint Course)
  • Research Seminar (SAS® Joint Course)

Specialization Tracks

Business Administration
Financial Management
Human Resources
  • Advanced Studies in Human Resources
  • Knowledge and Innovation Management
  • Project Management
  • Technology Management (SAS® Joint Course)
  • Advanced Studies in Marketing (SAS® Joint Course)
  • Applications of Operations Research in Management (SAS® Joint Course)

SAS® Certification: AI for Business Decisioning
SAS® Certification: Applied Business Analytics

  • Risk Management
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • New Trends of International Financial Management
  • Basic and Technical Financial Analysis
  • Regulations of Financial Markets

SAS® Certification: Applied Business Analytics

  • Banking Operations Management
  • Banking Credit Management
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Banking Control and Anti Money Laundering
  • Advanced Banking Marketing
  • Regulations of Financial Markets

SAS® Certification: Applied Business Analytics

  • Marketing Strategies
  • New Marketing Trends
  • Marketing Information Systems
  • International Marketing
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Services Marketing – Applications and Case Studies

SAS® Certification: Applied Business Analytics

  • New Trends in Human Resources Management
  • Business Behavior Management
  • Industrial Relations – Trade Unions and Labor Legislations
  • Negotiation and Arbitration in Human Resources
  • Labor Economics
  • Human Resources Database Management Systems

SAS® Certification: Applied Business Analytics

Our DBA program offers differentiated real value by selecting highly-qualified faculty, to teach curricula that satisfy learners, employers and Arab society’s market needs by applying innovative learning techniques.

Why You Need a DBA Powered by SAS®?

Individual Benefit Corporate Benefit
Take your professional knowledge to the next level Open up new business / industry channels that were not reachable before
Gain in-depth knowledge of theory and practice Revolutionize your corporate’s analytical methodology in problem solving
Explore advanced tools and acquire research skills needed for strategic planning and decision making Critically analyze business and organizational issues in local, national and international contexts.
Increase your earning potential Use relevant and latest technologies for professional purposes.
Upskilling your advanced analytical experience for making decisions using Artificial Intelligence You can manage what you measure, measure what you can define, and define what you understand.
You will be Expert in Applied Business Analytics and Business Decisioning using Artificial intelligence.

Admission Requirements:

  • MBA, or other relevant Master’s degree
  • A proof of English proficiency TOEFL
  • ID Copy, Birth Certificate
  • Original Bachelor’s certificate
  • Military Status Certificate