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Transformative Technology Institute

FinTech is shaping the present and the future of finance and global banking with technology. Financial Institutions want to evolve, but need help incorporating FinTech into their business model. On the other hand, technology professionals want to help Financial Institutions prepare for Finance 2.0, but often lack adequate business context. Entrepreneurs are trying to disrupt existing business models, but need help turning their ideas into viable products and/or solutions.

  • The Arab Academy for Management, Banking & Financial Sciences (AAMBFS) believes its newborn “FinTech Academy (FTA)”, one of its centers of excellence, is a corner stone that will revolutionize financial technology training & educational solutions to satisfy all before-mentioned parties.
  • FTA’s mission statement is to fight financial & technological illiteracy by disseminating the knowledge of financial technology in Egypt and the Arab World through spearheading talent development programs ranging from financial literacy awareness to deep dive Fintech engineering courses.
  • FTA’s goal is to increase the number of certified FinTech specialists within financial institutions and the number of entrepreneurs in FinTech, as well. FTA offers multi-level training courses in FinTech but the main product is the “Certified FinTech Professional (CFTP)” program that certifies the target professionals.
  • To present state-of-the art training solutions and certification in FinTech, AAMBFS’ successful experience with top universities & institutions in Europe, USA and the Far East, allowed us to contact our intended strategic partners such as MIT, Columbia Business School, Hong Kong University, and Oxford Saïd Business School.